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Hand Made Cuban Heels Boot

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We have all seen celebrities on the news with high profile styles and famous looks and there is not a doubt that the tabloids love celebrities that appreciate the style that comes with wearing Cuban heel boots. Even the fashion industry has their hooks into some of the more famous men like Simon Cowell.

Cuban heel boots come in many great styles from tall boots, perfect for fall and winter and, flashy heels for a fun night out. There are great styles available for all climates. It’s obvious that you would not chose a shoe that would make your feet slip on the soles in humid areas or even pick tight leather shoes for a super-hot climate. That’s what makes Cuban heel boots so great; the selection of this footwear isn’t narrowed down to a few styles. There is a whole arsenal of shoes for all men anywhere in the world.

They are a sharp look for the professional atmosphere and great footwear for the dancing scene, and if Simon Cowell and The Situation are able to have completely separate styles and still look good inside Cuban heel boots, why not you?

All Cuban Heel Boots are hand made in Don’s Footwear factory. Don hand picks all materials required to make the best, grade A, high quality footwear.

As always, since all boots are made to order, feel free to contact Don with your individual requests

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Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Don's Footwear, a leading provider of luxury handmade elevator shoes for men (height increasing shoes), today launches a new line of handmade to order Cuban Heel Boots. Three styles of Cuban Heel Boots are now available for sale: Chelsea Boots, Winkle Picker and Fashion Boots.
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